What’s Your Choice Of Drink?

Coffee is huge business in the UK, with well known brands littering the high street, filling gaps left behind by the names of the past like Woolworths and Dixons.

These days you can barely stop at a service station or retail park without seeing a mobile coffee stand before you’ve even set foot inside, yet there seems no lapse in the rate that they’re opening new stores.

When will this madness end? Can they be stopped? Well actually, it appears a quiet revolution in coffee is on the way.

For the last eighteen months or so, there’s been a slow but steady growth in the number of home coffee machines being sold, and we’re not simply talking about the old percolators that we all knew in our parent’s homes as we grew up. Technology has moved on a lot, and you can now get near cafe quality coffee in a few minutes at home – and more importantly it’s not as expensive as you might think!